Extrait d'un Entretien avec Ernest L Rossi

A New Theory of Art,

Beauty, Consciousness,

and Truth:

The Neuroscience

Foundations of Therapeutic


Ernest L. Rossi



-Dov: Hypnosis is not just a question of suggestions, isn't?


-Ernest L. Rossi: Hypnosis is vastly more than simple suggestion. Hypnosis is the

facilitation of the patient's natural creative process on many levels from activitydependent gene expression and brain plasticity (brain growth) to creative thoughts that are the growing edge of consciousness.


-Dov: Does hypnosis act on gene expression?


-Ernest L. Rossi: I theorize that hypnosis could facilitate "activity-dependent gene

expression." but this is not yet proven scientifically. Scientists have proven that many

important life activities turn on activity-dependent gene expression. This is especially

true of any activity that is new, novel, salient and stimulating. All normal as well as

stressful mental and physical exercise turn on activity-dependent gene expression. I

believe that my therapy stimulates my patients and evokes activity in them in many ways. Therefore it seems logical to theorize that this positive psychotherapeutic activity and especially hypnosis must be turning on activity-dependent gene expression and activitydependent brain plasticity. Scientist prove that all new learning turns on activitydependent gene expression and brain plasticity. Why would this not also be true for thenew learning that takes place in hypnosis? But no scientist has the money or motivation to test this new hypnosis theory of psychosocial genomics yet.


-Dov: Which common denominator links the physic, psychology and biology?


-Ernest L. Rossi: P h ysical and biological activity turns on activity-dependent gene

expression. This activity-dependent gene expression generates the formation of new

protein molecules (physics & chemistry), which make new synaptic connections between brain cells to create new neural networks in the brain. We believe these new neural networks in the brain give rise to the experience of new patterns of consciousness (psychology). This new consciousness can be expressed in innovative art, beauty, and truth. These new experiences of art, beauty, and truth that originate in the brain of the artist or scientist now stimulates activity-dependent gene expression in the audience (other people) who enjoy the experience of this new art, beauty, and truth. I call this enjoyment of art, beauty, and truth, "the novelty-numinosum-neurogenesis effect." Enjoying novel art, beauty, and truth activates the neurons in the brain so that these neurons now turn on activity-dependent gene expression and brain plasticity of observers or participants in the audience.


-Dov: What is the study of neuro-science? What will be the effects in the field of therapy?


-Ernest L. Rossi: I explain this new neuroscience theory of art, beauty, and truth in my

french book:

Rossi, E. (2005). (laurent carrer, translator & editor). Cinq essais de psychogénomique – Exploration d’une nouvelle démarche scientifique axée sur l’interaction entre l’esprit et la molécule [Five essays on psychosocial genomics: Exploration of a new scientific approach to the interaction between mind and molecule].


-Dov: Do you think that new models of hypnotherapy inspired by psycho-genomic will



-Ernest L. Rossi: Yes, i have outlined this new psychosocial and cultural genomic theory of therapeutic hypnosis in many of my books and scientific papers. But scientists are busy! They are busy trying to cure cancer and all the other diseases on the genomic level. No one has yet given them the money to research the interaction between psychology and genomics in therapeutic hypnosis. Will the french be the first to prove this new theory?


-Dov: Do you think that psychobiology or if you prefer psychosocial genomic has a bright future ahead?


-Ernest L. Rossi: Yes, but it may take at least 2 or 3 generations to establish the value as well as the limitations of this new psychoscial genomic theory of human psychology and behavior.


-Dov: Which is your definition of hypnosis? Which is your definition of therapy?


-Ernest L. Rossi: I n teresting and numinous (fascinating, mysterious, and tremendously

i mportant) activities turn on activity-dependent gene expression, which turns on activitydependent brain plasticity, which turns on new consciousness and mind-body healing. This new consciousness and healing is an activity at a molecular-genomic level, which turns on a new cycle of activity-dependent gene expression, brain plasticity and new consciousness in a never ending cycle of ever new creativity and adaptation to changes in the environment. Numinous and creative consciousness can activate the neurons of the physical brain to re-construct (re-synthesize) its neural networks itself. New consciousness can reconstruct its own physical foundations! this the essence of the miracle of cretive human consciousness!


-Dov: Is it possible to design a mathematical model of hypnotherapy?


-Ernest L. Rossi: Yes, i have explored this possibility in many of my papers and books. My new book, "The breakout heuristic" (that will be published in february 2oo7), has a

number of examples of my tentative mathematical models of therapeutic hypnosis and creative activity. I feel very humble about my modest efforts in mathematical modeling. I am still, at the age of 73, only a student of math.

Rossi, E. (2007, in press). The breakout heuristic: The new neuroscience of mirror neurons,

consciousness and creativity in human relationships: selected papers of Ernest Lawrence Rossi.

Pheonix, Arizona: the Milton H. Erickson foundation press. office@erickson-foundation.org.


-Dov: Ernest Rossi, what are your activities at present and what are your future projects?


-Ernest L. Rossi: You must remember i am simply a psychotherapist. That is the normal

work i do everyday to earn a living. I enjoy speculating about possibilities for the future of psychotherapy. But we must realize we are still in kindergarden - It will take much effort by creative scientists in the laboratory to prove my theories. Who will pay them to do this? drug companies will not. The medical profession will not. The government will not unless the public demands it. Will the deep french interest in the foundations of consciousness, the meaning of life, and the philosophy of aestheics find a way to support research in this area?